American Foundation for the Paris School of Economics

The American Foundation for the Paris School of Economics is a 501(c)3 organization
dedicated to the advancement of economic understanding in France and elsewhere.

AFPSE Mission Statement

The Statutes of the American Foundation for the Paris School of Economics (AFPSE) state:

The mission of the Corporation is to promote a better understanding of contemporary economic and social issues in France and elsewhere in the world by providing financial support for graduate teaching and research in economics, public policy analysis, development, international relations, demography and related fields.  This support will primarily but not necessarily exclusively consist of providing financial assistance to l’Ecole d’Economie de Paris (Paris School of Economics), an autonomous graduate educational institution located in Paris, France, dedicated to teaching, scholarship and policy analysis at the highest level.  The Corporation will provide financial support for both traditional graduate programs of teaching and research, and other endeavors to explain the relevance of modern economic analysis for public policy.

The Corporation’s assistance may also consist of the funding of teaching chairs, student fellowships, research, publications, international exchange, and all such activities as are related to its mission.  In the pursuit of this mission, the Corporation may support activities in France, the United States, or elsewhere.”

Though AFPSE will seek other partners in its effort to promote economic and social understanding, the ability that it has to mobilize—through judicious financial support—the human resources of the Paris School of Economics, is one of its greatest strengths.


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