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The Paris School of Economics



Created in December 2006 and inaugurated February 22, 2007, the Paris School of Economics (PSE) is at the forefront of the reform of economics teaching and research in France. Six of the most prestigious public scholarly institutions in the country have joined forces and agreed to detach selected members of their tenured faculty in economics, public policy and related fields to this new School. PSE has been established as an independent, private foundation, entitled to raise its own funds and enjoying complete budgetary autonomy. The administration of the School, appointed by its independent Board, chooses the teachers and scholars who will staff its academic and professional programs. These teachers and scholars continue to receive their base pay from the partner institutions, but also receive additional resources, determined by the Director of PSE, in recognition of their participation in the research and teaching programs of PSE itself.

In as much as all of the partner institutions have in fact been collaborating for several years without the benefit and support of an umbrella private foundation, some 200 scholars from these institutions were already running two outstanding Masters and PhD programs in economics when the Paris School was founded. An additional, new masters program in public policy and development was launched in September 2007. The  ambition of the Paris School of Economics is to compete with the best international schools of public policy in the world, such as the Kennedy School of Government and the London School of Economics.

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